PhD student awarded best paper for her revolutionary research in wireless communication

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Not only was PhD student Alyaa Al-Barrak awarded the best paper at a recent conference, she has also had an offer for her paper to be published in a digital library, which hosts documents  from some of the world’s most highly cited publications in the engineering and computer science field.
The eighth Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Conference was held at the University of Essex and is a great opportunity for researchers to meet and network with peers in the same field. Alyaa presented her research paper on wireless communication and the errors that can occur due to noise, reflection, diffraction, shadowing, fading and in particular the multipath phenomenon and the most widely used technique to correct it. Her paper was awarded first place out of 93 other papers, which has led to an inclusion in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Xplore Digital Library and an offer to publish an extended paper in a journal.
Alyaa said: “I was so pleased to be awarded the best paper at the conference and consider this a great achievement which has encouraged me to go further in this field. It has also provided me with evidence that I am delivering high-quality research and it will be a great addition to my CV.”
Robin Crockett, Alyaa’s Director of Studies, said: “Alyaa’s supervisors, Ali Al-Sherbaz, Triantafyllos Kanakis and myself are immensely proud of Alyaa. This is a major achievement and major recognition of Alyaa’s work from other researchers in the field of digital communications.”
Triantafyllos Kanakis, Lecturer in Computing, commented: “The solution proposed in this paper is revolutionary, drastically increasing the overall performance of a wireless system while saving expensive channel resources from retransmission.”
Ali Al-Shabaz, Senior Lecturer in Computing, commented: “The research outcomes of this work will have an impact on future technology and smart applications. The next stage of Alyaa’s research is expected to find more interesting results which will be worthy of publication in a journal with a high impact factor.”

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