MEng Computing

The School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton is getting ready to run Master of Engineering (MEng) extensions to two Computing courses in Computer Networks Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering. 

The purpose of the MEng is to add both breadth and depth in  principles and applications to complement BEng programmes, which is uncharacteristic of many MSc programmes.

For MEng Computer Networks Engineering (120 credits):
  • Visual Objects Software (20)
  • Computer Networks (20)
  • Mobile Device Software Development (20)
  • Group Industry Project (60)

For  MEng  Computer Systems Engineering (120 credits) from:
  • Distributed Systems (20)
  • Visual Objects Software (20)
  • Modern Computer Architecture (20)
  • Group Industry Project (60)

The Group Project module gives students the opportunity to apply and develop  knowledge in the execution of a group project and individual report.  By completing the module students will gain experience of researching the necessary technical information, of solving cross-disciplinary technical problems, of sourcing and obtaining parts and components, working to a deadline and presenting a concept to an industry.