BCS Northampton: IVR Part 2 - Understanding the development technology

26th January 2016 

IVR Part 2 - Understanding the development technology

Avenue Campus, University of Northampton

7pm starting at 7:30pm 

With the advent of VOIP and VoiceXML, the IVR and speech industry now shares much of its architecture with that of the Web industry, and it is now possible to write a single application and deliver its functionality via speech, mobile app or Web browser, or for a user to start a transaction with one technology and complete it via another. These are exciting times for converged technologies.
Despite this convergence and advances within the industry, the speech channel still presents some challenges to users. Touch-tone IVR systems are widely considered to be unpopular, and now seem outdated, and guided speech recognition is often parodied for having a limited ability to understand its users. The Holy Grail of speech automation is Natural Language Understanding, which allows users to speak to the computer as if speaking to a human operator, but how natural is it to interact with a computer using voice, rather than, say, a Web browser, and what particular problems does this mode of interaction present to the user?

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