BCS Northampton: IVR Part 1 - Application user interface

IVR Part 1 - Application user interface

15th December 2015

Avenue Campus,  University of Northampton

7pm starting at 7:30pm

The Application User Interface is key to developing a new Service or user Application.
The best Applications use a Simple Formula.
    1 Keep it simple (Ask the right questions)
    2 Reduce the amount of information required from the user.
   3 Feedback simple but succinct information.
   4 Extract Known or available information (CLI, DNIS, Account details, Mobile number, IP address etc.)
   5 Communication should be a no blame format should be seen as a second stage information gathering
Applications can be
   1 Voice based (Speech or Tone)
   2 Application based (Web)
   3 Multimedia/Hybrid (Audio, Voice, Web, SMS, Email, Web)
Knowing how to communicate with the end user is key to a successful deployment.
Build up knowledge on regular callers understand their preferences.

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