BCS Bedford: How to select your new cloud provider: A rigorous, effective and proven approach

A BCS (British Computer Society) Bedford branch Event at the Park Inn, Bedford

Date: Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Topic: ”How to select your new cloud provider: A rigorous, effective and proven approach”

Speakers: Martin Tate

Time:  6.30-8.00pm; registration starts at 6:00pm

Location:  Tavistock Suite, The Park Inn Hotel, 2 St Mary's Street, Bedford MK42 0AR

Register online at:  https://events.bcs.org/book/1845

You are warmly invited to attend a FREE evening talk at The Park Inn, Bedford (opposite Bedford College) on Wednesday 27 January 2016.

”How to select your new cloud provider: A rigorous, effective and proven approach” is the topic of a talk by Martin Tate.

Most organisations under-estimate the risks when selecting IT solutions such as cloud provision.  They use conventional product procurement approaches, or the informal “I’ll know it when I see it”.  Martin Tate’s presentation explains why ordinary approaches pretty much guarantee the best candidate will withdraw or be de-listed.  He illustrates his methodical approach using an actual cloud selection – his first was in 2002, before it was even termed cloud – the winner was provably a better fit, but less than one-tenth the cost of the runner up.

A ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’, Martin formerly worked for an IT provider and was trained to sell software.  He has been an independent consultant for over 20 years, specialising in evaluating, selecting and procuring off-the-shelf solutions.  He has personally run or rescued 52 selection projects and appraised over 1,000 candidate solutions.  However, the most important statistic is zero – never once has an IT selection gone through his method and procured software that proved unfit for purpose.

BCS awarded Martin Chartered Fellow status in 2007 for eminence in the field of IT selections and in March published his book ‘Off-The-Shelf IT Solutions: A practitioner's guide to selection and procurement’

More recently, the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) published his article ‘IT Requirements when Buying, not Making: Effective specifications to select off-the-shelf software in the latest RE Magazine.  You can read this article at: http://re-magazine.ireb.org/issues/2015-4-building-the-extreme/

6.00pm        Registration, refreshments and networking

6.30pm        Introduction
"How to select your new cloud provider: A rigorous, effective and proven approach”

7.20pm        Opportunity to question the speaker

7.45pm        Thanks
Opportunity to network and talk to the speakers

There is free parking to the rear of The Park Inn Hotel.  Note: Please give your vehicle registration at reception on arrival otherwise you may incur a penalty charge.  Parking spaces are also available at a £1 charge on the Bedford College Campus.  There are also free parking areas in the vicinity.

Everybody is welcome – please mention this to friends and colleagues.

Register online at:  https://events.bcs.org/book/1845

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