investigation into emerging Web development technologies

Recent work by a BSc Computing student, University of Northampton - Simon Patis.

An investigation into emerging Web development technologies
Simon Patis

With an increasing number of internet enabled devices becoming available on the market the websites we create are being viewed in a different way, this is not necessarily the desired result as the dimensions and overall layout of the created site can be juxtaposed when viewed on an alternative resolution.
Although there are media queries that have been built into current CSS styling to display different views based upon the screen used it still operates within a constraint of fixed widths. Using techniques like responsive web design will address one of the ways that indicates how the public can benefit from the jump to HTML5 from HTML4 generated sites. Within this document an investigation has been developed to explore the differences between current web standards and the emerging potential of a HTML5 web standard.
During the investigation a relative association will be made to emerging hardware that delivers more opportunities for users of any skill set to get involved with software development. The tool used in this example will be the credit card sized Raspberry Pi, which in this instance has been constructed to act as a personal web server.
Using a comparative analysis of various software examples built in current web standards from the knowledge gained over the previous 3 years and emerging HTML5 techniques the results will illuminate possible reasons why HTML5 will inevitably be considered as the next evolution of web standard.