Computing Outreach in June

Problem-solving, robots and blinking LEDs some of the outreach activities from the Computing team.

Blinking LEDs 
This activity is concerned with problem-solving. The challenges are

  • Challenge1: You have a battery and an LED that flashes in several colours (though a non-flashing version could be used). How do you get the LED to come on? How would you describe what you need to do to, in-terms of the LED and the battery, to make this it work - is there a pattern for when it starts lighting up and when it doesn't? 
  • Challenge 2: Add a small magnet to it. What will it stick to and what doesn't it stick to? 
  • Challenge 3: Putting several together can you get them to stick to a surface and spell out a letter or a word? Can you think of a way to get them to stick to fabric?
  • Challenge 4: Can you make a wearable device using one battery, a magnet and one or more of the LEDs? 

Warning: activity must be done under appropriate direct adult supervision.

— STEAM at UN (@STEMatUN) June 14, 2017

The original inspiration came from this video:

The Computing teams NAO robots seemed to have been a hit today: 

The robots were a hit it sounds see below:

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