Games Courses in Northampton

The School of Science and Technology and the School of the Arts have collaborated to produce three new games courses.
  • ·         BSc (Hons) Creative Games Development 
  • ·         BSc (Hons)  Computer Games Development
  • ·         HND Computer Games Development

The programmes are due to commence in September 2012. 

BSc (Hons)/HND  Computer Games Development

The programme is designed to meet the need for the computing professional and thus has a high degree of vocational relevance.   

It aims: 

  •  To provide an up to date programme in the field of computer games development; relevant and responsive to the needs of industry and commerce; 
  •  To develop the student’s interpersonal and problem solving skills, together with the ability to undertake sustained academic activity both independently and in groups;  
  •  To inform students of current best practice within the institution's developing computer games development field and give an appreciation of likely future developments 
  •  Understand the requirements of appropriate computer games development professional institutions and the importance of continuing professional development. 
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge of software and hardware aspects involved in contemporary computer systems engineering;  
  • To equip students with skills and knowledge to enable them to embark on a range of careers, in the field of computer games development, or allied professions. Also to provide appropriate lifelong skills and the ability to cope with change.