New immersive course

This MSc pathway at the University of Northampton, UK aims to complement the already established pathways on the MSc Computing programme, but at the same time is also a collaboration between the Departments of Computing and Immersive Technologies; Engineering and nVision. 

This pathway is distinctive in that it will be more industrially focused towards the application of immersive technologies and high performance  computing principles applied to industrially relevant problems.  This industrial connection is strengthened by members of NVision being part of the course team. Having NVision as part of this course also enables access to cutting edge immersive technologies providing rare opportunities for students to work with multi-million pound immersive technologies in a meaningful and practical way.

This pathway is also supported by the research interests of the course team in haptics (force feedback), visualisation of data, high performance and distributed software and hardware.
Typical modules
·         Immersive Technologies
·         Media Technologies
·         Distributed Systems
·         Mathematical Modelling
·         Modelling for Enterprise
·         Programming
·         Dissertation

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