Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Near Northamptonshire: BCS Coventry - MicroPython for Internet of Things

MicroPython for Internet of Things

Title: The use of MicroPython for Internet of Things applications
Date: 15th March 2017, 7pm , with refreshments from 6.30pm
Location: University of Warwick – Auditorium – IMC (International Manufacturing Centre)
Internet of Things (IoT) applications are rapidly becoming the fastest growing industries within the technology sector. Devices are increasingly smaller, more power efficient, better connected than ever before but time to market is often slow due to the programming intricacies of complex hardware features. MicroPython, a new programming language for Microcontrollers, it aims to ease these problems by bringing the power and flexibility of the Python language down to just a few Kilobytes.
Alex Bucknall is the Lead Developer Evangelist at Pycom and founder of Warwick Tech

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