Research in Wireless Networking, Mobile and Systems

This has been a long-term strength in the Department, with both research and consultancy activities in this area. Expertise in wireless communications, embedded systems, networking and robotics all are within this this grouping.

·         CISCO networking lab and the Department is a CISCO accredited Academy.
·         Academic partner in the Weightless Wireless Standard group.
·         Embedded Systems lab based around microcontrollers
·         Swarm robots

Recent Publications

  • Sub 1GHz M2M communications standardization: The advancement in white space utilization for enhancing the energy efficiency(Sylvester Ajah, Ali Al-Sherbaz, Scott J Turner, Philip Picton), In PGNET Proceedings of the 15th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications Networking and Broadcasting 2014, M Merabti, O Abuelmaatti, C Oliver (eds.), Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool UK, 2014.   
  • Modelling simulation and experimental validation of nonlinear dynamic interactions in an aramid rope system (Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Seyed Mirhadizadeh, Philip Picton, Rodanthi Salamaliki-Simpson, Scott J Turner), In 11th Biennial International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICOVP-2013) Conference Proceedings, Z Dimitrovova (eds.), ICOVP, 2013. 
  • Analyse the risks of ad hoc programming in web development and develop a metrics of appropriate tools (Manish Gubhaju, Ali Al-Sherbaz), In American Journal of Information Systems, volume 1, pp. 9--20, 2013. 
  • WiMax-WiFi Techniques for Baseband Convergence (Ali Al-Sherbaz), , 2013. 
  • Probabilistic multi robot path planning in dynamic environments: a comparison between A* and DFS (Shwail, S. H., Karim, A. and Turner, S. J.  In .International Journal of Computer Applications. 82(7), pp. 29-34. 0975- 8887, 2013
  • Enhancing the physical layer in V2V communication using OFDM - MIMO techniques (Ahmad Baheej Al-khalil, Ali Al-Sherbaz, Scott J Turner), In Proceedings of the 14th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications Networking and Broadcasting, Omar Arsuelma'atti (eds.), PGNet, Liverpool, 2013. 
  • W2BC: a proposal for a converged baseband implementation of WiMax and WiFi transceivers (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Ihsan Lami), InInternational Journal of Information and Network Security (IJINS), volume 2, pp. 91--102, 2013.   
  • Optimisation of routing protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) to achieve higher quality of service for real time applications(Rashmi Dravid, Ali Al-Sherbaz), In 3rd Annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing India (GHCI), 2012. 
  • iSurvival: a collaborative mobile network system for disaster management (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Rashmi Dravid, Espen Svennevik, Philip Picton), In Collaborative Networks in the Internet of Services, Luis M Camarinha-Matos, Lai Xu, Hamideh Afsarmanesh (eds.), Springer, Bournemouth, pp. 318--326, 2012. 
  • Utilising mobile mesh networks for disaster management (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Rashmi Dravid), In Proceedings M4D 2012, Jakob Svensson (eds.), Karlstad University Studies, New Delhi India, pp. 441--441, 2012.   
  • Method and process for routing and node addressing in Wireless Mesh Networks (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Sabah Jasim, Ihsan Lami, Chris Adams), In missing booktitle, 2011. 
  • WiMAX-WiFi techniques for baseband convergence and routing protocols (Ali Al-Sherbaz), In missing booktitle, 2010. 
  • WiMAX parameters adaptation through a baseband processor using discrete particle swarm method (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Torben Kuseler, Chris Adams, Roman Marsalek, Karel Povalac), In International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, volume 2, pp. 165--171, 2010. 
  • Private synchronization technique for heterogeneous wireless network (WiFi and WiMAX) (Ali Al-Sherbaz, Chris Adams, Sabah Jassim), In Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing Security and Applications 2008, Sos S Agiain, Sabah Jassim (eds.), Society of Photo Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), Bellingham Washington, 2008. 
  • The application of computerised image analysis to determine physical properties of leather (Saqib Kabeer, Geoff E Attenburrow, Philip Picton, Malcolm Wilson), In XXIX Congress of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies, 2007.