Network Coding/Cryptography for Wireless Network Security over Galois Field Theory

Alyaa Al Barrak, a PhD student at the University of Northampton, is working on linking wireless networking using Galois Field Theory. An overview of the work is shown below.

Network Security (NS) is a concept to protect data transmission over network. Security is a method to making sure that unauthorized people cannot influence the data. Coding is a method to ensuring that data remain readable even in the existence of errors. Network coding points out to each node taking its received packets, computing a linear combination over a finite field, and forwarding the result to another node till reach the final destination.
Data integrity is a major concept in any coding system. For example, if a packet is traveled over a network which is prone to noise, interference and channel fading then it could be altered by a network coding method and determining the optimum coding coefficients is a challenge.
Complexity and the overhead are two significant keys in the NC which are used to measure the efficiency of the coding algorithms in terms of errors correction rate and computational power.
The aim of this research is to evaluate and design an algorithm for wireless communication networking using Galois Field Theory taking into account data integrity. This algorithm will be able to detect the damaged data and decrease the bit errors rate.

Supervisory team
Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz
Prof. Kamal Bechkoum
Dr Robin Crockett.