Minecraft in 3d virtual reality

As a little experiment with the Oculus Rift I wondered if I could view a Minecraft world through the oculus Rift. The answer is yes and relatively easily (certain easier than I though it was going to be).

Download Minecrift from: https://share.oculusvr.com/app/minecrift

Unzip the files and run the installer file.

figure 1
You should get something similar to figure 1. All I did then was press OK.

Figure 2
Run the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile. After creating a new profile, edit it to change Use version to release minecrift-1.6.4-b12-nohydra which can be found in the drop down menu now. Now save the profile.

Now play the Minecraft normally but with the Oculus Rift on (it helps to have two people one wearing the Oculus Rift, the other pressing keys to control the movement).

Figure 3

Most people who have tried enjoyed it but could only play for a short while. If I was susceptible  motion sickness I wouldn't try this.

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