Analysis of Web Analytics Tools

Recent MSc Computing (Internet Technology and Security) dissertation work within the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, UK by  Taiwo Okunusi J

Comparative Statistical Analysis of Multiple Web Analytics Tools

Taiwo Okunusi J

Web analytics in recent times is becoming a viable and accepted tool for keeping track with the activities, interactions, goals on websites and the availability of several analytics tools either as commercialised or free tools have made it possible for website developers and designers to inject analytics tool codes into their system while developing, with more conscious regards to the security of websites. Cookies being the building blocks of tracking activities in all analytics tools have called for more website visitor awareness, for clarity on the information collected of the visitors by the cookies on websites today as a matter of high security.

The purpose of this dissertation as a generic system is to design and develop a system, where several analytics tools are used on a single website”Refiners Fire Ministry Blog Site”. First, to check the exactness in the metrics gathered/mined from all the analytics tools on this site. Secondly, representation of data mined on a dashboard and modelling results. Also a Social Networking Site Analytics “Facebook Page” and a Video Uploading Site Analytics “YouTube Channel” are also involved in the proposed system. To develop this system ,Author research into previous works done with a literature review studying the relevance of Analytics, importance of dashboard for analysis and a model, which were hence used to develop the proposed system.

The system having been developed, meeting the system requirement, and having modelled the system, results predicting the possible future of the analysed websites metrics were gotten, which will be a stepping stone to future works in modelling.

Supervisor: Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz

Details of the MSc Computing course here.