Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Aleksandra Dziubek

The dissertation focuses on various aspects of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - a type of online systems created to support traditional education methods and provide better student-teacher communication.

Research was conducted to learn more about the VLEs currently available on the market (Moodle and Blackboard) and compare their functionalities. Also the features of NILE - the VLE presently used by the University of Northampton - were investigated in terms of usefulness and user satisfaction.

Based on the research results a prototype of a new VLE for the University of Northampton was created and presented to the students and tutors of the Computing division of the University of Northampton. The web application is aimed at improving user experience and encouraging students and tutors to make the most of the offered functionalities.
The users can create their personal profile, find and add the modules they teach/study, view module profile, find people they know and add them as their friends. The users can also post messages visible to their friends and upload files. Other functionalities include Organizer - a section where useful information about public transport, time tables and upcoming assignments can be found.

The prototype received very positive reviews from the students and tutors who took part in testing. The survey that was conducted among the testers showed that they rated the prototype higher than the existing one.
The authoress made an effort to use only valid code when implementing the application and make sure that it works properly on all popular web browsers, including mobile browsers.
Screenshots are taken from the website.

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