Kumuditha Achini Kariyawasam

As the consumers, we are expecting the best quality products and services
from the every customer focused industry and when we are considering the
fast food industry, it has not achieved the full potential of the technological development. After completing the ethnographical research, the developer has realised that the self-serving software model can only achieve the existing and upcoming challenges of this industry.

Therefore this project based on designing and developing the customer focused self-serving software model for the fast food restaurant. A Large fast food company providede the key system for the entire project and the developer mainly focused the human computer interaction techniques to enhance the usability of the developing system according to the Agile Methodology and Rapid Application Development Methods.

The final output of the project is the fully functional self-serving software model for the fast food restaurant.  The implementation of the new system development could theoretically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry as well as the high standard customer satisfaction.

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