MY UNi- android application for mobile phones.

Emilian Jedrzak

     The project creates a prototype application for mobile smart phones using the Android Operating System (OS). The application is aimed at facilitating access to information contained on The University of Northampton (UoN) web site (University of Northampton (2011)). The app will connect with the University’s existing databases and return relevant information, as well as being able to check news and events within the University. In addition, the prototype application will give us the opportunity to check student and university news, university events, student timetable and help contact the appropriate University Offices  stuff by phone or email. The application also will have Google maps,  application also  have extra features such as setting wallpaper, app information.   The author tried to redesign The University of Northampton web page to allow mobile access more efficient, more user friendly make getting to the information needed by student in quick and straightforward. The Screenshots are taken from the app.


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