Towards the Development of a Smart Entry System

A recent work by an MSc Computing student looked at a low cost door entry control system with video, audio and app development.

Towards the Development of a  Smart Entry System
Matthew Jarvis

Commercial offerings related to the Internet of Things (IoT) have proliferated in the last decade. Among them is a collection of smart entry systems that enable homeowners to see, hear and speak to visitors, even when they are not at home. Given the relatively low cost of the hardware required to build these systems, a number of developers have assembled similar units using affordable, off-the-shelf components. This dissertation documents the process taken to research, design, build and test a non-commercial smart entry system. In doing so, a contribution is made to the current knowledge within this field. The system is developed in 4 stages. The first 3 involve the construction of individual subsystems, which are integrated in the final stage. Upon completion, evidence is given to demonstrate that the final system functions effectively and that the selected approach was beneficial to the development process.

Supervised by Dr Scott Turner

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