Blockchain Educational Passport Decentralised Learning Ledger (DLL) - Whitepaper 5.0

Blockchain Educational Passport Decentralised Learning Ledger (DLL)

Authors: Dr Cristina Devecchi, Ali Hadawi CBE, Dr Scott Turner, Prof Ale Armellini, Prof Ian Brooks, Barbara Mellish, Prof Nick Petford, Prof Olinga Ta’eed 

Description: The application of the blockchain technology to track, register, certify, and enhance the utilisation of acquired learning assets 

Following a series focused on measurement and transaction of intangible and non-financial value, Whitepaper 5.0 extends the use of the Ethereum based platform with integrated S/E Ratio SaaS to offer acknowledgement and utilisation of learning credits acquired by students and staff from pre-16, FE, HE, employment and CPD. Drawing from available examples of blockchain uses in education, the paper puts forward the concept of ‘knowledge procurement’ to develop a decentralised learning ledger (DLL) for the tracking, certifying and practical use of learning credits. 

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