Member of Computing presenting at Teach Meet

Dr Scott Turner will be among the presenters at the next TeachMeet to be held at Newton Building, University of Northampton. Presenting on the Junkbot and Raspberry Pi controlled junkbots.

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TeachMeet Northampton 2015 #TMNorthants2015


You can either do a 7 minute or 2 minute presentation. You could talk about a classroom project, a tool, an activity or idea that worked well for you, or give an example of good practice from any area of the curriculum. Use whatever presentation format you want including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or even sing a song! 


Seven Minute Micro-Presentations:
1) Digital Leaders from Standens Barn Primary: Imaginary Worlds @SnakeyChalmers
2) Wayne Chalmers and Helen Caldwell: School and University Digital Leaders working together @SnakeyChalmers @helencaldwel
3) Scott Turner: Making and programming Junkbots @ScottTurnerUoN
4) John Ginger: Programming with Robotiky robots @Robotiky
5) Katharine Childs: The impact of CodeClubs @primaryicttech
6) Jennifer Hogan from Irchester Primary School @Lab13_Irchester
7) Karen Fretwell: Exploring Lego Fusion @Bluesrunner
8) Nicholas Tollervey: How can @ThePSF help teachers (a request for feedback & collaboration)? @ntoll
9) Kevin Hewitson: Helping learners develop learning skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours @4C3d 
10) Sway Grantham: Inspiring Curiosity with Edmodo @SwayGrantham
11) Kat Howard  Student Ownership @SaysMiss
12) Mark Allen: Change is Hard: slaughtering some sacred cows @edintheclouds
13) Neil Smith: Mini band: making music with Pis, Arduinos and SenseBoards @neilnjae
14) Ian Pratt @sciencelabman
15) Stacey Ramm @Tiffybum Using Google Classroom 
16) Mike McSharry You Bought It -You Name It @mikemcsharry
17) Farid Charidine Using AudioBoom to provide verbal feedback  @fcharidine
18) David Whale IET Schools Liaison Officer and STEM Ambassador, Essex: Teaching Coding using MinecraftTeaching Coding using Minecraft @whaleygeek


Two Minute Nano-Presentations:
1) Helen Caldwell and James Bird: Lessons in Teaching Primary Computing: The MOOC @helencaldwel
2) Sway Grantham: Why? @SwayGrantham
3) Neil Smith: The BCS Certificate @neiljae
4) Anna Cox: Padlet Ideas to Inspire
5) Isabel Trott Kitchen Chemistry 
6) Julie Jones Professional Development of Teaching Assistants
7) Jane Badger

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