British Computer Society (Northampton) Have your Pi…Now What?

Drop-in Workshop: Have your Pi…Now What?     

Dr Scott Turner
Associate Professor in Computing and Immersive Technologies, University of Northampton
Public Engagement Ambassador and National STEM Ambassador

Date - 30th October 2014

Where- Second Floor, Newton Building, University of Northampton NN2 6JB

Time  -   19:30-21:00

Aim  -    What can you do with that Raspberry Pi this half term, you brought it but never got around to using?
  This is one of the two Raspberry Pi focused parallel session being run on 30th October2014 by BCS Northampton. In this session some basic example activities will be shown and facilitated. It is an informal drop-in session, so come have a try at some simple programming and control with the Raspberry Pi. All based around a fun, free programming language Scratch (

              Beginners to Raspberry Pi, including general public, members and non-members. Children are welcome to this.

Example Activities-
1.      Basic Scratch programming activity:- Bonfire Night Game. Which can be done on either the Raspberry Pi or PCs.
2.      Scratch control of LEDs via a Raspberry Pi.
3.      Junkbot – be one of the first to program a ‘robot’ made from a Raspberry Pi, a drinks can, pens, and a motor and get it to draw  (see and  for more details)

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