BCS northampton Event: Mobile Device Management and Bring your own device

21st January 2014 -  Mobile Device Management and Bring your own device.

Start at 7:30pm  arrive after 7pm 
Room 205 
Newton Building,
 Avenue Campus, 
University of Northampton, 
St Georges Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JD

Part 1
What is Mobile device Management and why introduce BYOD Barney Duffy
> What Mobility is about (MDM, Mobile Content Management, Mobile Application Management, Integration, Security)
> Why you should consider before introducing BYOD such as polices, profiles and benefits.
> WLAN access, Mobile Applications Diary and Calendar.
> Multiple devices.
> Managing access to active sync through Mobile Device Management.
> Device Management versus sandbox environment.
> Migration to mobile devices from workstations.
> Company assistance in purchasing devices Why is this a good idea.

Part 2 Alistair from Mutch Mobileiron
> MDM Technology, How it works (AD, SCEP Integration, access to Share point)
> Why MDM is secure
> How users enrol to the service
> Differences in the different OS and handsets, Things to consider
> Deploying handsets, managing upgrades
> Public and Enterprise applications (Wrapped Apps)
> Current Functionality (What is possible have you a good example)
> Future functionality (what is coming in the near future)
> Integration with Cisco ISE technology (What are the benefits)
> Removing information, partial full wipe
> Protection against jailbreak
> How BYOD can save companies money and provide security
> Companies that have benefitted from BYOD such as NHS etc