opinion: Good time for teaching computer science

In the last few months there have been some changes to the suggested curriculum in schools that will be pleasing to those interested in Computing and what is being taught in UK schools.

With Computing added to the National Curriculum for England and Wales for Key Stage 1 to 3. The draft Curriculum (see http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/n/national%20curriculum%20consultation%20-%20framework%20document.pdf) on page 152-156 has Computer Science at its core and ICT  longer offered as an initial teacher training (ITT) teaching subject (see the UK Government's own website: Department of Education (2012) for more details). 

This "approach to rigorous computer science teaching in schools is supported by The British Computing Society (BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT), along with Microsoft, Google and Facebook" (Department of Education, 2012). Evidence of this is the BCS has partnered with the Teaching Agency to offer £20000 Teaching Scholarships (BCS, 2012). This scholarship scheme is backed by several large computing-related companies (including Microsoft, BT and Facebook)  "to be part of a range of activities that nurture future computer science Master Teachers who will lead innovation both within their own school and in collaboration with other schools"  BCS (2012)

The application form for the Teaching Scholarship can be found at: https://apps.bcs.org/Scholarship/

To take this further, there is ample evidence that Universities, including University of Northampton, are serious about helping schools with computing. For example:

To learn more about how The School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton can help schools contact scott.turner@northampton.ac.uk or stem@northampton.ac.uk

Department of Education (2012) "Become a computer science teacher" [online] URL: http://www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/subjects-age-groups/computer-science.aspx [accessed on: 16th February 2013].
BCS (2012) "Teaching scholarships" [online] URL: http://academy.bcs.org/scholarships [accessed on: 16th February 2013].

BSc and HND Computing Provision (click on the links below for more details of the courses)
The University of Northampton's, Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies offers five courses within the MSc Computing postgraduate provision (shown below) all available either part-time or full-time.