Ecommerce solution for Track Day and Travel Insurance

Recent MSc Computing (Internet Technology and Security) dissertation work within the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, UK by  Hamad Raza.

Ecommerce solution for Track Day and Travel Insurance


Many of the insurance broker companies use third party products in order to provide quotation, to a client, for different insurance products. Many of these insurance brokers, using third parties hosted solution, commonly face issues including high maintenance cost, front end not easily customisable, unavailability of backend data directly and lengthy and costly process of system update.

The dissertation aims to design and develop a generic platform for track day insurance and travel insurance. The process starts with detailed problem domain investigation including comparable system investigation. A preferred development methodology is then selected, including system design and implementation techniques and tools, based on their advantages and disadvantages. Utilising preferred development methodology the platform is then built and evaluated.

The platform is integrated within an insurance broker company in order to fully demonstrate platform capability and in order to evaluate the platform entirely in hopes to fulfil the aim of the dissertation.