Meeting report: Building Effective Problem Solving Groups

Meeting held: 12th February 2013, BCS Northampton, Newton Building, Avenue Campus, University of Northampton, UK. Presenter: +Paul Offord from advance7 Ltd.

A very interesting talk supported by BCS Northampton and the University of Northampton's  Student Computing Society. Attended by University of Northampton's students from across the University as well as BCS Members. The talked revolved round trouble-shooting problems, especially around Business Computing - What are the issues? Incidences versus problems - what are the differences? 

Informative talk about how problem management works in large organisations and how companies like his help. Showing the issues, approaches, with very illustrative examples. 

Grey problems 
Problem where the causing technology are unknown. These are becoming more common because of system complexity - lots of things are interconnected therefore often greater complexity that may have been developed over time. There may also be multiple vendors supporting the system.

RPR - Rapid Prototype Resolution
Main differences is move the discussion from What's is the cause of the problem? to How can we find the cause of the problem? and then find the problem. 

Building an Effective Problem Solving Group - White Paper

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