MSc Computing courses - University of Northampton

The University of Northampton's, Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies offers five courses within the MSc Computing postgraduate provision (shown below) all available either part-time or full-time. 

As well as staff teaching on two other MSc courses:
The dissertation is an important element of the MSc courses. The range and nature of the dissertations on MSc Computing  varies, below are some links to blog postings that I hope give a flavour some of the topics other students have  investigated:
Examples from the current students include:
·         improving search engine optimisation  techniques;
·         intelligent documents;
·         web technologies for internet TV;
·         rural healthcare software for developing countries.

One ex-student has turned his dissertation into a book.

From the MSc program as a whole,  where successful student end up working varies; but I would say lot work in areas that are internet intensive some examples include becoming a consultant in optimising websites to be more likely to be picked up search engines; another is a lecturer. At least one has gone to further study at Universities such as the University of Oxford.

There is a strong practical element to the courses. The emphasis of the whole MSc Computing programme is on developing both technical and Master’s level academic skills through practicing these skills, but after being taught the necessary underpinning theory.

For more details contact: Scott Turner