MSc Student Work: Android Augmented Reality

A recent MSc student project by Sanjiv Udash looked at Augmented Reality based around Android.

Abstract: In recent times, Augmented Reality (AR) has come within the reach of common people. It has opened a whole new world for developers letting them exploit the capabilities of the smart phones to mix the virtual with the real world. Despite these advancements, just a glance in the current market shows that most of the AR applications are focused only on outdoor environments.

This dissertation is based on the development of an AR application for android mobiles that focuses on combing all the benefits of technology advancements in the field to provide users with the AR experience in an outdoor as well as indoor environment. The work also complied of a series of tests and evaluations that were carried out to formulate an understanding of user’s view about the application.

The creation of the application is considered to be a vital step in the advancement of AR field and can be regarded as a base for other developers to develop similar application in different fields.