Nuffield Foundation Placement students playing with robots

This year the Computing team has been fortunate enough to host three Nuffield Research Placement students ( all working with Dr Scott Turner.

Michael Welsh
Michael is working on using a micro:bit based bitbot from 4tronix to produce a tool showing an example of artificial neurons used control a robot. The aim is for this tool to be used with 3rd year Undergraduates as part of a module on Artificial Intelligence.

Hiren Mistry
Using a Raspberry Pi based robot controlled produced by CBiS Education in several ways. Including via a PS3 controller (see for more details) and via Minecraft. This forms part of the Santander UK funded project Robots in Schools see the following for more details on this project .

Nathaniel Roberts
Junkbots has been a long standing project within this subject team (see the following for more details ). Nathaniel is looking at producing a new junkbot based around the Redfern Crumble controller and document it so it can be used in schools and outreach events.

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