Blockchain, we have someone for that

There has been a growing interest in the idea of electronic-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the underlying technology of Blockchain.  This Blockchain technology is based around the use of a distributed database for a growing list of records, called blocks, so a chain of blocks. The distributed nature and that the blocks are in a chain, where a change in one block early in effects ripples down the chain, improves the security from tampering and revision. The video below is, in my view, a good introduction to the idea. 

The Computing team has a teamed up with CCEG Blockchain UN Lab to look explore a number of Blockchain projects and ideas.

1. AI Wallet - Dr Suraj Ajit
An  Artificial Intelligence Wallet, based around Bot technology ideas,  that would help someone make personalised informed business decisions and transactions within the Seratio blockchain. The AI Bot inspired digital wallet would recommend products, processes, suppliers to individuals and organisations based on personal preferences.
To read more about this project go to AI Wallet.

2. Blockchain as a Solution for Connected Health Services - Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz

Blockchain solution is to strengthen cooperation between health providers and technical companies by enabling the exchange of health data to enable more efficient and adaptive health care delivery. 
To read more about this project go to Blockchain as a Solution for Connected Health Services.

3. Transparent Public Engagement – Could Blockchain help? - Dr Scott Turner

 Could Blockchain be used to increase the transparency of records of public engagement by Universities? By making the records more transparent and open impact can more easily be verified.
To read more about this idea go to Transparent Public Engagement – Could Blockchain help?

Also one of the Computing has team contributed to Blockchain Educational Passport paper on the use of Blockchain for educational use. To read more on this paper go to Blockchain Educational Passport: Decentralised Learning Ledger (DLL).

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