2017 Publications upto the end of April 2017

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  5. Al-Zoiny, S. and Al-Sherbaz, A. (2017) Connected Health Services in Smart Technologies. UK: Kobo Publisher. 1230001603163.
  6. Azasoo, J.Kuada, E.Osei Boateng, K. and Opoku Agyeman, M. (2017) An algorithm for micro-load shedding in generation constrained electricity transmission network. Paper presented to: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society (PES) PowerAfrica Conference 2017, Accra, Ghana, 27-30 June 2017. (Accepted)
  7. Dawood, A.Turner, S. J. and Perepa, P. (2017) Developing a new automated model to classify combined and basic gestures from complex head motion in real time by using All-vs-All HMM. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research.4(3), pp. 156-165. 2349-5162.
  8. Fawcett, L.Mu, M.Hareng, B. and Race, N. (2017) REF: enabling rapid experimentation of contextual network traffic management using Software Defined Networking. IEEE Communications Magazine. 0163-6804. (Accepted)
  9. Manh Phan Hung, D.Manyam Seshadri Naidu, S. and Opoku Agyeman, M. (2017) Architectures for cloud-based HPC in data centers. In: IEEE International Conference on Big Data Analysis. Beijing, China: IEEE. (Accepted)
  10. Opoku Agyeman, M.Vien, Q.-T.Hill, G.Turner, S. J. and Mak, T. (2017) An efficient channel model for evaluating Wireless NoC architectures. In: 2016 International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing Workshops (SBAC-PADW). Online: IEEE. 978-1-5090-4844-1. pp. 85-90.
  11. Opoku Agyeman, M. and Zong, W. (2017) An efficient 2D router architecture for extending the performance of inhomogeneous 3D NoC-based multi-core architectures. In: 2016 International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing Workshops (SBAC-PADW). USA: IEEE . 978-1-5090-4844-1. pp. 79-84.
  12. Opoku Agyeman, M.Zong, W.Yakovlev, A.Tong, K.-F. and Mak, T. (2017) Extending the performance of hybrid NoCs beyond the limitations of network heterogeneity. Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications. 2079-9268. (Accepted)
  13. Saleh Alalaki, M. and Opoku Agyeman, M. (2017) A study of recent contributions on simulation tools for Network-on-Chip (NoC).International Journal of Computer Systems. 4(3) 2394-1065. (Accepted)
  14. Vien, Q.-T.Le, T. A.Phan, C. V. and Opoku Agyeman, M. (2017) An energy-efficient NOMA for small cells in heterogeneous CRAN under QoS constraints. Paper presented to: 23rd European Wireless (EW), Dresden, Germany, 17-19 May 2017. (Accepted)
  15. Yuan, J.Lorenz, F.Lommatzsch, A.Mu, M.Race, N.Hopfgartner, F. and Albayrak, S. (2017) Countering contextual bias in TV watching behavior: introducing social trend as external contextual factor in TV recommenders. In: ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video (ACM TVX). The Netherlands: ACM. (Accepted)

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