BCS Northampton Event: Cyber Security Lecture

Cyber Security Lecture
Scott Bullock 
Cloud Trust Officer
Thursday 26th January 2017
7pm with 7:30 
Rm NW205  
University of Northampton

Global Cyber security leader Forcepoint released its 2017 Cyber security Predictions Report last month.

This year's report examines the increasing convergence of the technological and the physical worlds and the long term implications of this new digital ecosystem on organizations and institutions worldwide

Cyber security experts from Forcepoint and Raytheon collaborated to develop these predictions.

Scott Bullock Forcepoint's Cloud Trust Officer will present an overview of the predictions along with an analysis of how well Forcepoint performed last year. Scott is a member of Northampton BCS Group Committee.

Rm 205
Newton Building
University of Northampton

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