Drawbacks of Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol in V.VoIP

Edan, N. M., Al-Sherbaz, A., Turner, S. J. and Ajit, S. (2016) Drawbacks of Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol in V.VoIP. In: IEEE Computing Conference 2017. IEEE. 

There is a lot of interest in the use of multimedia protocols over Internet, especially in terms of quality of service and signalling, such as the IAX2 protocol. This paper aims to identify the limitations of the IAX2 protocol in a real world implementation of V.VoIP, primarily of its quality of video calls, based on an Asterisk server. Including the contradictions in the IAX2 standard and compare it with its related work over various issues, such as quality of service, security, codecs, port, frames, etc. This work will interest to developers in order to make them aware of the current IAX2 issues.

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