Improving interactive TV using a mobile applications

Recent paper produce by Dr Mu Mu:

Improving interactive TV experience using second screen mobile applications

Mu, M.
Knowles, W. and Race, N.
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia. Miami, Florida: IEEE Computer Society Press. (In Press)

The past two decades have seen a shift in the multimedia consumption behaviours from that of collectivism and passivity, to individualism and activity. This paper introduces the architectural design, implementation and user evaluation of a second screen application, which is designed to supersede the traditional user control interface for primary screen interaction. We describe how NSMobile, our second screen application, can be used as a pervasive multimedia platform by integrating user experiences on both the second screen and primary screen. The quantitative and qualitative evaluation of user interactions with interactive TV content also contributes to the future design of second screen applications.

Mu, M.Knowles, W. and Race, N. (2015) Improving interactive TV experience using second screen mobile application

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