The management of the future internet

A recent presentation by Ameer Al-Sadi, a PhD student, discusses the use of Software-Defined Networks as part of the future of the internet.

Ameer Al-Sadi 
Topic: Network management by help distributed system


Al-Sadi, A.Al-Sherbaz, A.Xue, J. and Turner, S. J.
8th Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Postgraduate Research Conference 2015: Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University, 
05 November 2015.

The future internet will include a cloud of assisted living and smart applications that serve a user by providing a remote communication and management for specific resources. It will contain a numerous number of fixed and movable devices, sensors, and actuators. This requires very fast and dynamic communication, which is performed by a novel paradigm of network that contains a forwarding device with a central management, called Software-Define Network (SDN). SDN provides a faster, cheaper and more efficient network. In addition, it strongly supports Network Function Virtualization (NFV), which enables the quicker development of the network by using the software programs for executing the network functions instead of physical devices. 
The aim of the research is to optimise the distribution and use of the SDN network resources through the following objectives: Develop the algorithm responsible for determining the initial number and the location of the elements of SDN network; The algorithm will extend to dynamically adapt this number and these locations according to the network changes; Model software platform to run SDN in wide Area Network and optimize its performance by applying the developed algorithms.
The implications of SDN will be pervasive because it is a powerful network paradigm, which carries the solutions for today's problems. The proposed algorithm will fill part of the gap of the SDN network management and enhance its performance. This work aims to be a helpful tool to design, test and manage any SDN network, starting from the campus network and extending to multiple campuses or the city.

Citation Al-Sadi, A.Al-Sherbaz, A.Xue, J. and Turner, S. J. (2015) The management of the future internet.Workshop presentation to: 8th Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Postgraduate Research Conference 2015: Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University, 05 November 2015. now publicly visible in NECTAR

More details of the paper can be found at: The management of the future internet.

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