A Serious Games MSc - Computing, virtual reality

MSc Computing (Serious Games) University of Northampton

Serious Games are those that are designed with the main purpose not being pure entertainment, including but not exclusive to applications in defence, education and training, engineering, planning environment, medicine and behavioural change. This pathway is delivered to provide skills in necessary for serious games including, programming, modelling, internet programming and mobile devices. 

Examples of the modules include:

Media Techniques
Computers now make use of a wide variety of digital media that is sound, images and graphics. The technology behind this media and the associated problems are very easy to overlook. This module describes the way in which each media is stored and manipulated within a computer system. The module guides the student through the techniques used which are all demonstrated by practical examples. The student is equipped with the techniques necessary to manipulate the media, using standard programming languages, in the same way as a commercial media package would do.

This module is designed to give the student an awareness of programming using a commercially available portable language. The student will gain programming skills, an awareness of developing client side programs and an appreciation of a computer language.  Also focus on skills needed in the analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance when developing a software programme. This will enable the student to make an effective contribution to a software development project. Experience will be gained to understand and implement graphic applications, consisting of two-dimensional graphics, three-dimensional graphics and animation.

Modelling for Serious Games
This module is designed to give the student an awareness of common modelling software and practices, as well as give an insight into the background and history of modelling. It will teach students to think around common problems presented over the course of a modelling project and help them develop visualisation solutions that are suitable in terms of functionality, performance and affordability for the given application. The module will also develop a wider understanding of industry applications and standards as well as imbuing the ideas and philosophies behind modelling for enterprise. Students will be exposed to cutting edge modelling technologies, including the NVision suite of immersive technologies
Immersive Technologies
This module gives students a deeper understanding of the principles and practicses of Virtual Reality technology. 

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