BCS Bedford: Stop Social Marketing (Unless...)

A Joint British Computer Society (Bedford branch) and Bedford College Meeting at the Park Inn, Bedford

Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Theme: ”Stop Social Media Marketing! (Unless…)”

Speaker:  Eric Swain, Client Services Director at Equinet Media.

Time:  6.30-8.00pm; registration starts at 6:00pm

Location:  Bridge Suite, The Park Inn, 2 St Mary's Street, Bedford MK42 0AR
                  [Free car parking to the rear of the hotel]

Register online athttps://events.bcs.org/book/1456/

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You are warmly invited to attend a FREE evening lecture at The Park Inn, Bedford (opposite Bedford College) on Tuesday 24 March 2015.

The shine has gone off of social media for marketing purposes. Consumers are increasingly cynical.  Changes to the major social networks are challenging effectiveness.  And evidence is mounting that social media marketing is failing to live up to its original promise.

Should you abandon social media marketing? Chalk it up as a glorious experiment that sounds great in theory but doesn’t work in practice? Give it up and focus efforts on other areas?

The answer is probably “yes” for many organisations. For them, social media will never deliver the marketing results to justify the effort and resources they put into it.

But, for some types of businesses social media can help their marketing. And for a good many more, social media can significantly help other aspects of their businesses.
This talk will identify where social media works and where it doesn’t for marketing. And it will dig into the other areas of your organisation where social can deliver benefits.

With a background in marketing strategy, social media and mobile technologies, Eric Swain helps clients make meaningful sense of the brave new world where the customer controls the business ecosystem like never before. He’s been knocking about the place for the past 20 years as a consultant, agency head, director, head of marketing or sales (or both) for companies from tech startups and mobile app developers to brewers and vending machine brokers.

Once described as “smart, good-looking, athletic, persuasive and brilliant” on an anonymous feedback form he claims to have found, Eric is enthusiastic about real, honest communication and enjoys writing his own online bio whenever he gets the chance.

There is free parking to the rear of The Park Inn.  Parking spaces are also available at a £1 charge on the Bedford College Campus. 


6.00pm                        Registration, refreshments and networking

6.30pm                        Introduction
               ‘Stop Social Media Marketing! (Unless…)’

7.20pm                        Opportunity to question the speaker

7.45pm                        Thanks
      Opportunity to network and talk to the speaker

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