BCS Northampton: Pen Testing Training Day

Do you think you have the skills to work as a white hat hacker? Does the idea of penetration testing applications and infrastructure and learning the latest techniques for breaking into systems seem to be your ideal career? Are you able to describe complex technical issues to non-technical managerial staff without using complex technical terms? If you've been working as a developer, in infrastructure or application support, and maybe already know the difference between nmap, metasploit and sql injection, then this could be the event for you! 
This is a one day overview of penetration testing :
  • starting with how to develop a career in penetration testing, 
  • through the methodologies involved
  •  how to be a professional, ethical, hacker to the common tools and techniques used. 

The afternoon session provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your skills as you work in teams to hack into other team's systems and protect your own. 

This opportunity is only open to a maximum of 30 people, and is recommend for those who have a keen interest in a penetration testing career; have experience of working with web applications, databases, and network protocols should register. 
Venue: Newton Building, University of Northampton, NN2 6JB.
Details and costs to follow.