Survey: penetration testing day?

Posted on behalf of the Northampton Branch of the BCS.

Northampton BCS Group would like to run an all-day penetration testing day event at the University of Northampton  
Start time at 09:30 and finish at ~17:00. The proposal at this stage is to run this during April (Saturday 5th April)

This will be a 'premium' paid for event with a slightly subsidised cost to BCS members

Estimated numbers around 30 to 50 attendees , with facilitators and  event co-ordinators.

The agenda is flexible but generally the morning session consists of;
  • Introduction to pen-testing/ethical hacking, 
  • Breaking into the industry, 
  • Methods, 
  • Deep-dive into pen-testing process/phases, some examples. 

The afternoon session consists of hands on examples and then Capture the Flag events with various teams. Finally a quick wrap-up and networking session at the end of the day.

Just to gauge numbers we have set-up a survey for users to register an interest.