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Even though the junkbots project is not specially a computing project, it is part of the on-going work lead on problem-solving going by the Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies, School of Science and Technology , University of Northampton.

The junkbots project was carried as one of the activities at the celebration of two years of Lab_13 at Irchester Community Primary School - 24th May 2013.

Three groups spent around an hour developing the drawing junkbots (an example of what one is can be found in these image). The session basic revolves around two main activities:

- Showing that a motor can be made to vibrate and can they think of a way to use this and other materials around them (make sure there are pens/pencils around) to make a drinks can move.

- Next stage is can they modify their robot to make it draw.

Details and session plans can be found at: 

If you would like to know more about the Junkbots project contact +Scott Turner