Dr James Xue: distributed and cloud computing

Research Interests

  • Enterprise system performance modelling and evaluation, resource management
  • Distributed computing, cluster/grid computing, cloud computing
  • Object databases, distributed databases, mobile databases, ORM technologies, etc

Recent Publications

    J.W.J.Xue and A. Yahya. (2012) “Critical Analysis of ECM Applications in the Clouds: a case study”, International Journal of Computer Science and  Information Technology (IJCSIT) Vol.4 No. 3, June 2012. ISBN:0795-4660.
      M. Al-Ghamdi, A.P. Chester, L. He, S.A. Jarvis, J.W.J. Xue. (2011) “Dynamic Active Window Management: A Method for Improving Revenue Generation in Dynamic Enterprise Systems”. 11th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communication (SCALCOM’11). Aug. 31st– Sep. 2nd, 2011. Pafos, Cybrus.

        Al-Sherbaz A, Minai A, Xue J, Dravid R (2011) "An Embedded Pedagogic Model for Computer Forensics within an
        Undergraduate Programme" 7th Annual Teaching Computer Forensics Workshop, University of Sunderland 10th November 2011

        J. W. J. Xue and Stephen A. Jarvis "QoS-aware Service Selection" to the book " Agent-based Service-Oriented Computing". In series Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing. Springer 2010. ISBN: 978-1-84996-040-3

          J. W. J. Xue, A. P. Chester, L. He and S. A. Jarvis. Model-driven Server Allocation in Distributed Enterprise Systems. Communications of SIWN. Vol. 6, pp. 42-50. 2009.

            James W.J. Xue, Adam P. Chester, Ligang He and Stephen A. Jarvis, "Model-driven Server Allocation in Distributed Enterprise Systems", The 3rd International Conference on Adaptive Business Information Systems (ABIS 2009). Leipzig, Germany, 23-25 March 2009

              M.Al- Ghamdi, A.P. Chester, J.W.J. Xue and S.A. Jarvis. (2009) “The Effect of Server Reallocation Time in Dynamic Resource Allocation”. UK Performance Engineering Workshop (UKPEW’09).July 6th, 2009. Leeds, UK.

                Adam P. Chester, James W.J. Xue, and Stephen A. Jarvis, "A System for Dynamic Server Allocation in Application Server Clusters", IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (ISPA'08). Sydney, Australia. 10th-12th Dec, 2008.

                  A. P. Chester, J. W. J. Xue, L. He and S. A. Jarvis. A System for Dynamic Server Allocation in Application Server Clusters. The 24th UK Performance Engineering Workshop. Imperial College London. 03-04 July 2008.

                    J.W.J. Xue, A.P. Chester, L. He and S.A. Jarvis. (2008) “Dynamic Resource Allocation in Enterprise Systems”. 14th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS’08). December, 8th-10th. Melbourne, Australia.

                    Contact: James.xue@northampton.ac.uk
                    Profile: http://www.northampton.ac.uk/people/james.xue