Nuffield Bursary student 1 - Web sustainability

Ahsan Anderson has being working with Scott Turner from the University of Northampton on issues around Web Sustainability using a website designed to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach activities as the vehicle. The work is being funded through a Nuffield Science Bursary

The project has been in three parts:

  • Investigating possible tools and approaches for web sustainability;
  • Developing a sustainable website to specification;
  • Looking an smartphones apps as a possible route for improving the use (and therefore sustainability) of the site. 
In this posting the outcomes from the first two parts are shown (the third will be a separate posting).

Investigating possible tools.

Details of this are available through these blog posts

STEM site

The site was developed and hosted using Weebly because of its easy of use, free tools and free hosting.

The site is sustainable because
- It has been design to be relatively simple to maintain
- Uses free tools
- Uses free web-hosting
- Relatively easy to transfer management
- Relatively easy to wrap most of the site and largely move it to another host.

Site: At the moment the outline of the site is is shown, with content to follow.

A user guide to maintaining the site has also been produced.