Artificial Intelligence- system optimization and education

The application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in system optimization and engineering education 

 Dr Rosa Basagoiti 
University of Mondragon, 

 Date: Thursday 28th June 2012 
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 
 Venue: MY120, Avenue Campus  

This lecture will discuss various methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can be applied in three different technical areas.  The first area involves lift engineering / vertical transportation where genetic algorithms can be used to solve the dispatching problem. This optimization problem can be considered as a Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem (MTSP) and can be treated with genetic algorithm techniques. Using these techniques, two different objectives can be pursued: time and energy consumption. Furthermore, fuzzy logic methods can help to decide automatically when to prioritize the time and when to prioritize the energy consumption.  

The second area is the system monitoring and diagnosis where feature extraction and classification can be used in a data-driven approximation approach combined with physical models.  In the third application, the personalization of content of e-learning platforms for students learning profiles is involved. In this problem one needs to create models of the students’ activity and use them in order to improve the student effectiveness and engagement, reducing the time used by the tutor to select content specific for each student.