Is it visual?

Done by: Kumuditha Achini Kariyawasam (Email: and Scott Turner as part of an URB@N project

The school of Science and Technology has been investigating over the last few years problem-solving within the Computing division. Looking at whether a more visual approach has benefits and this project built on the work have been done within the school to increase recent publications in this area

2. Aims and Objective
qTo capture the students’ view about the effectiveness of the visual nature of the Lego robots approach within the problem-solving module
qTo evaluate the work done within the school on problem-solving
qTo expect to publish this work with the student as a co-author
qTo develop and looking at the effectiveness of the module.

3. Results

üThe majority students of the research sample outlined that the visual impact helps to develop their skills and when the author analyses the feedback, the majority sample has increased with the year group. This situation explains when the academic level is getting higher the students realise the importance of the problem solving skills with its’ visual nature.
üThere is a significant impact of the visual nature to the other modules of the division.