CEISE2011 paper: Software Industry and Talents Cultivation in China

An abstract from the 7th China – Europe International Symposium on Software Industry Orientated Education to be held 23-24th May 2011 at School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, UK. For more details can be found at this link.

Software Industry and Talents Cultivation in China

Chen Dongming, Zhu Zhiliang
Software College of Northeastern University, China

As the backbone and representative of the present high-tech industry, the information industry serves as the strategic pillar industry of China in this century. By analyzing the present state, characteristics, and development routes of China's software industry, this study will find out the problem and then provide solutions to China’s IT industry, especially the software industry. Education and training for software talents cultivation will also be talked about here.

Proceedings can be found at: http://www.web-sustainablity.net/conference/GreenConferenceBook.pdf