Saturday, 1 February 2020

Call for Papers: "Emerging Technologies in Higher Education

Call for papers to the Journal of Research in Education and Learning Innovation Archives for a special issue on Emerging Technologies in Higher Education

CFP: No.26. Call for Papers "Emerging Technologies in Higher Education"

Description and purpose of Special Issue

A number of technologies have the potential to impact and innovate Education. Much has been written in the media about the positive and negative impact of emerging technologies. This call is for papers on applying emerging technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Social Media and Artificial Intelligence to Tertiary Education. Specifically, we are looking for papers that critically consider the practice and experience of using these technologies in a Higher Educational context.A range of papers types will be considered, including original research, practice-focused papers, position papers, literature reviews and meta-analyses. It is expected that the papers will be of particular interest to readers interested in the teaching, learning and assessment processes in Higher Education, as well in technologies for learning.

Guidelines for submission

Research in Education and Learning Innovation Archives (REALIA) accepts articles in English, Spanish or Catalan languages.
Manuscripts should be sent following the Online Submission
Instructions detailed here:

Research in Education and Learning Innovation Archives (REALIA) ISSN: 2659-9031
DOI: is Edited by: Servei de FormaciĆ³ Permanent i InnovaciĆ³ Educativa. University of Valencia.
Contact: Serpis Street, 29, Campus dels Tarongers. University of Valencia. 46022 Valencia, Spain.
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