What do we do ? - bibliographic analysis

In an earlier post looked at the interconnections since 2011 of members of the Computing team at the University of Northampton, as viewed through data available in the University's Research Repository.

In the following images the most commonly (appears at least 3 times in either the title or abstract of papers) words are displayed. The data was processed using the VosViewer from the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

The image above is for the whole of the Computing publications listed and suggests since 2011 an emphasis on education, networking and modelling; with some 'islands' around data analysis; system design; network on a chip and interestingly 'clinical symptom' (which is probably related to some work with data analysis of animal health).

The two images below are taken from individual's team memeber's data within the repository. The criteria for inclusion was words that had appeared three or more times in either the title or the abstract - a word was only counted once per paper.

The one above covers data for one person; and seems to include areas around robots and problem-solving; modeling of systems.

This one seems to have groupings around smart cities; development of technology processes; simulation; and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

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