Patents and Computing Staff 2: Dr Scott Turner

Members of the Computing staff within the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology have held or still hold patents as the inventors.

Dr Scott Turner
Abstract:In a system to detect an analyte concentration eg.blood sugar level, the body part 6 is illuminated by multiple wavelength illumination. The transmitted or reflected intensity at three discrete wavelengths are analysed by a computer. The wavelength at which the transmissivity of blood is unaffected by the analyte is denoted A and acts as a reference. At wavelengths B and C the transmissivity of the blood is respectively increased and decreased by the analyte, and the output signal, So, is generated from the relation The device incorporates a white light source 2 and a plurality of photodiodes 8 to monitor light at each predetermined wavelength or alternatively a plurality of light sources generate the predetermined wavelengths and a single photodiode receives the light. 

Patents Granted (not renewed)
    1.  Dobson PJ, Turner SJ (2001) Optical Glucose Detector Patent No. GB2328279 (B) UK. 10 October  2001. Patent number GB2328279 (B)
     2.   Dobson PJ, Turner SJ (2002) Optical Glucose Detector Patent No US6466807 (B1)  
USA. 15 October  2002. Patent number US6466807 (B1)

Related Applications
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