29th September 2016 - Northampton BCS AGM

29th September 2016 - Northampton BCS AGM

Location: Room NW205 of The Newton Building at The University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, St Georges Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JB 7pm
* Election of Officers
* Briefing regarding proposed training events on a Tuesday night

Want to join the Committee?
A general member is a good way to start
However if you have previous experience you may be interested in one of the other posts.
Take a look at the various posts and requirements, and if you are interested please get in touch with the Northampton Group.
Roles for Committee Members
The following two mandatory roles must be filled by two separate individuals. All other roles and suggested activities, may be shared amongst committee members as they see fit. The activities suggested for non-mandatory roles are indicative only.

 Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS)
 Responsible for the supervision of all matters concerning the effective leadership of the Member Group.
 Chairs all general (AGMs and EGMs) and committee meetings.
 Prepares the Chair’s Report for each AGM.
 Ensures the formulation of strategies for the committee and implements appropriate actions to achieve the strategic goals.

 Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS)
 Prepares annual budget and potential project funding each year.
 Responsibility to the Member Group Committee for the Member Group funds and any other appropriate financial business.
 Reports at fixed intervals to Member Group Committee.
 Submits income and expenditure statements produced by BCS Finance for the AGM.
 Deals with payments and receipts to and from operational budget and liaises with BCS Swindon necessary.
 Notifies, through Member Groups Team (groups@bcs.uk), any forecast overspend together with (a) circumstances leading to this position and (b) proposed action plan to resolve the situation.

At least 3 other (General) Committee members. (Can carry out some of the roles listed below.)
 Helps runs the group generally.
 Deputise for other officers as required.
 Particularly required for helping to establish the season’s programme.

The following roles are covered by the committee, whether by an individual or shared alongside another role.

 Gives due notice of all general meetings (AGMs and EGMs) to all group members.
 Gives due notice of committee vacancies to all group members.
 Arranges suitable locations for committee meetings.
 Prepares and issues agenda for all general meetings and committee meetings.
 Records the minutes of all general meetings and committee meetings Sends a digital copy of each set of approved minutes to the Member Groups Team on groups@bcs.uk.
 Handles correspondence between Member Groups Team and the Member Group.
 Maintains committee address list, via the Member Groups Team on groups@bcs.uk.

Membership Secretary
 Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS)
 Welcomes new members and distributes information on forthcoming events and other introductory information.
 Encourages individuals who have enquired about membership to join.
 Co-ordinates the recruitment of IT professionals at Member Group events and through other methods, using member data provided on the group committee secure area
 Records attendance numbers at events and sends numbers through to the Member Groups Team on groups@bcs.uk
 Co-ordinates a list of non-member attendees.
 Maintains a database of key contacts to facilitate the distribution of publicity material and other information.
 Must comply with BCS Data Protection Guidelines.

Email Coordinator
 Acts as a focal point to distribute emails to Member Group members (e.g. notifying them of forthcoming events) using the BCS List Server facility.
 Can be asked to send emails to own group members by other groups.
 Distributes information regularly to an established network of contacts.

 Non-CMS: Creates and maintains the group website, liaising with BCS Web Team (webteamcms@hq.bcs.org.uk) over the various methods.
 Non-CMS: Either posts content to the website or provides access to committee members to post their own content.
 CMS sites: Sends through to BCS Web Team (webteamcms@hq.bcs.org.uk) amendments for the Member Group website.
 The Webmaster may also facilitate the use of other online channels for publishing events – such as social media, discussion forums – or the Member Group may have a separate ‘Social Media Officer’ to do this.

Publicity Officer
 Ensures maximum coverage of group events, both before and after they occur.
 Writes copy for media on Member Group activities.
 Ensures all Group events are included in the BCS Diary.
 Liaises with local press and radio.
 Organise mail shots, programme cards, posters, etc.

Young Professional Group (YPG) Representative
 Liaises between the Member Group Committee and the YPG Executive Committee, as well as representing the views of young professionals within the Member Group.

 Arranges and publicises YPG events, provides details of special offers and YPG projects.
 Creates local Student chapters within local universities.
 Attends YPG Congress on behalf of the Member Group Committee.
 Liaises with other Member Group YPG Representatives.
Events Coordinator / Programme Card Coordinator
 Puts the season’s event programme together
 Makes administrative and logistical arrangements for the events, including venue, catering etc. using the BCS Events Booking System where appropriate.

The following roles are optional.

Education Liaison Officer
 Corresponds with universities, colleges and schools, with a possibility to set up Student Prizes in the area.
 Organises suitable events to represent the BCS in local schools and colleges, such as careers evenings, or attends those organised by local schools and Careers Offices.

Disability Support Officer
 Acts as a focus for local initiatives and actions where the use IT is to the benefit of disabled people.
 Identifies and organises events to increase the awareness and understanding of the IT industry towards the needs of the disabled.

Industry Liaison Officer
 Liaises with local companies and any local representative bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce
 Liaises with local public sector bodies and other organisations such as charities, in order to promote the BCS and professionalism in IT, particularly as it relates to the local context and the branch.
 Promotes Member Group activities and encourages suggestions for events; facilitating BCS membership enquiries and assisting with awareness of BCS products and services.

Social Media Officer
 Engages with members, potential members and other organisations and groups using social media.
 Uses social media to advertise events.

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