Scheduling process for the M2M communications system in smart cites

Abbas, R.Al-Sherbaz, A.Bennecer, A. and Picton, P. (2016) Scheduling process for the M2M communications system in smart cites. Seminar Presentation presented to: The University of Northampton Graduate School Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Conference 2016, Northampton, 14 June 2016.


The development of Machine-to-Machine communications systems has been increasing recently, especially considering that they have a wide range of applications in smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, with the massive number of connected devices in such applications, the problem of message collision becomes a vital factor that significantly affects the reliability of the M2M systems. The research project employs the Weightless-N type M2M communications technology as a case study to focus on the collision problem and to develop an improved scheduling process to mitigate this problem. The Weightless-N utilises a special technique to send multi-copies of the message on different frequencies, which increases the probability of receiving the message correctly. A better performance has been achieved by developing a new frequency selection process, which provides a lower number of collisions than the standard technique for the same number of message copies.
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