BCS Bedford: Information Risk In The Real World

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Information Risk In The Real World
(We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it)
28th June 2016
18:00 Registration
18:30 Presentation
19:30 Networking Session
The Park Inn Hotel,
2 St Mary's Street,
Bedford MK42 0AR
(Free Parking at the rear – Inform Hotel Reception)
This is a joint event between BCS Bedford Branch & BCS IRMA
Speaker: John Mitchell, Managing Director, LHS Business Control
      Chair of BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist Group
Event Details: Computer systems are only a model of the real world, in that banking systems do not really hold your money and social media outlets do not really contain your physical body.  None-the-less these models are sufficiently important to be viewed as reality by society and the protection of the data they contain is of prime importance to organisations and individuals alike. 
So what are risks and how can they be managed, if at all?  Changes in technology has had significant impact on the so called control paradigm which has led to significant exposure in how we deal with information risk in the real world. This session will examine the exposures and how they can be managed and will provide a unique insight into the toolkit available to the assurance providers and how the gap between exposure and assurance is being tackled.
Speaker Profile: Dr Mitchell is managing director of LHS Business Control, a consultancy which he founded in 1988 to specialise in corporate governance and risk management.  He is an international authority on corporate governance, the control of computer systems, the investigation of computer crime and the impact of regulatory and compliance issues on the delivery of IT services. 
John has been an expert witness in a number of high profile UK criminal cases and he has featured in a major British computing publication as The IT Detective. He is a member of BCS Council, a member of the its Audit and Risk Committee and Chair of its Information Risk Management and Assurance specialist group. His doctorate in risk analysis techniques was awarded by City University, London, England. His MBA in financial control was awarded, with distinction, by Middlesex University, England.
Register your interest to attend this talk via https://events.bcs.org/book/2082/ 
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